Customized Quick Response Codes

Custom QR codes are similar to that of traditional quick response codes in every way except for their appearance. This means that they are capable of holding the same amount of data and fulfilling the same purposes as any other quick response code. A (custom quick response code) can also be placed on any item, as with other QR codes. (Custom QR codes) are different in the fact that they can feature company or product logos inside the code itself. The logo can be large or small and can be colored or in black and white as with other QR codes. Though QR codes generally feature black and white squares as means of sharing data, (custom QR codes) can feature multiple colors. Any colors, ranging from fluorescent to pastel, can be featured in a customized quick response code. The traditional square pattern can also be changed and arranged to different designs, including circular design. This acts as another way to grab the attention of potential customers in marketing and advertising industries. Customized quick response codes have been proven to catch more attention than traditional black and white varieties. The more interest that is caught by first glance, the bigger the chance is that the user will scan the code and gain more information about the product or business. It is thought that the more a person knows about a product or business, the more likely they are to pursue a purchase or business arrangement. This has sincerely increased the amount of business that companies receive, especially small businesses whom have not done much advertising prior to the (custom quick response code).